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By Bruno Lindia - HOST &B 16 November 2023

Real Life After Grey Cups | &B | Calgary Business

In this candid and insightful conversation on &B, host Bruno and special guest Randy Chevrier delve into the complexities of life after a professional football career and the challenges of being a single father. They discuss the importance of finding the right support system, staying true to oneself, and facing adversity head-on. This episode is a deep dive into the personal experiences and life lessons of Randy, offering valuable insights for anyone going through career transitions, personal challenges, or parenthood.

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05:17 A Normal Day
12:17 Being a Single Dad
18:02 Mentorship
26:21 Health Journey
30:13 To Be Continued..
About our Guest: Randy is a Firefighter/Keynote Speaker/ Writer/Teacher/Coach/Retired Professional Football Player NFL & CFL & 3x Grey Cup Champ.
Connect with Randy on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randy-chevrier-6103a352
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About Bruno and &B: Bruno Lindia has been referred to as the “Professional People” expert. He has interviewed over 150,000 professionals in all walks of life.
Connect with Bruno at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruno-lindia-36a2931/
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