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Fixing More Than Just Power Equipment | From the Heart with Jason De Leeuw | Calgary Business

Jason is the founder of Father and Sons Power Equipment, a repair service with a mission to fix more than just power equipment. What makes Father and Sons special is their apprenticeship program for troubled youth. For Jason it’s important to be an active male role model in the lives of his apprentices, to make an impact on really improving their lives.

Jason himself struggled as a teenager but was able to turn his life around when he moved to Calgary for college. He joined a church and met a good friend and mentor who made a big difference in his life. Out of that experience and the need to give back to his community, Jason turned a small garage operation into a growing business. And he has bigger plans yet for Father and Sons.

Watch Jason share his amazing journey and the big plans he has for Father and Sons.

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A bit about Jason and Father and Sons

Jason is the director at Father and Sons Power Equipment. An entrepreneur focused on developing opportunities for youth with barriers to employment by hiring, training, and certifying them in small engine repairs.

At Father and Sons Power Equipment, it’s our dedication and commitment to our community that differentiates us from other outdoor power equipment shops. We hire, train, and certify youth-at-risk and effectively provide a hope and future through the trades. With direct mentorship and hands-on learning, our youth quickly find value both in themselves and their future.

To learn more about them head to https://www.fathersonsrepair.com

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