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Selling Something New | From the Heart with Dino Falvo | Calgary Business

How hard can it be to sell gelato?

According to Dino Falvo, owner of Amato Gelato it was a tough start. “When I first came to Calgary to sell gelato nobody knew what that was, they thought I was selling Jello.”

Dino was raised in the family gelato business, which got its Canadian start on Granville Island in Vancouver. When Calgary was booming in the early 2000’s the family decided it was time to expand. At 21 years old Dino was entrusted to lead that expansion.

So how do you sell gelato in a city where no one knows what that is? Simple, you open Calgary’s very first gelateria, but you tell the neighbours you’re opening a …

Tune in to learn how Dino introduced gelato to Calgarians. Or pop by either of the two Amato Gelato locations in the city.

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00:11 Never Ever
01:15 History of Amato
02:23 Starting in Canada
03:17 From Vancouver to Calgary
04:14 Setting Up the Café
05:51 20th Anniversary Year
06:36 The Second Location
07:02 Recognition
08:08 Amazing Response

A bit about Dino Falvo

Dino is the Owner of Amato Gelato in Calgary with two locations. At Amato Gelato they only source the best ingredients to create their flavours from scratch, ensuring a fresh and natural taste. Every one of their 72 rotating choices offers premium flavour, creaminess and a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

You might be able to catch up with Dino at either Amato Gelato location, at 7-2104 Kensington Rd NW or 602 17 Ave SW. If he’s not in the café you can still treat yourself to your favourite sweet treat.

To see what’s on the menu just click on https://www.amatogelatoalberta.com/

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