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 Welcome to Culture Hack! In this episode, Adam has an interesting conversation with Tom Short, founder and chief customer officer at Kudos, a leading employee engagement platform! Explore how recognition is becoming an integral part of companies' strategic planning, especially in the wake of remote and hybrid work environments. Hear about the evolving needs of diverse generations in the workforce and how Kudos continues to be a solution for fostering a connected and engaged team.

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A bit about our guest:Tom Short is the Founder of Kudos Inc., where he oversees business development, sales and marketing. Tom has founded numerous, highly successful, companies including Idea Machine, which was recognized as one of the top ten interactive agencies in Canada, which he later merged with Rare Method to create the largest independent interactive agency in Western Canada.

Connect with Tom on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wtshort

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About Adam and Culture Hack: Adam’s alternate title at ENTA Solutions is The Culture Ninja. His passion is helping small businesses excel by creating an engaging company culture. Adam’s goal is to help your team achieve clarity of purpose and wholeheartedly commit to your company’s values and vision.       

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