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By From the Heart - Host Page 16 November 2023

A Space for Family | From the Heart with Derek Fuller | Calgary Business

Imagine taking your kids to Disneyland and then watching them get just as excited about playing in a bouncy castle on the drive home from the airport.

For Derek Fuller, this was the spark for a brand new adventure of his own. After nearly 2 decades in corporate finance he decided it was time for a change. He wanted a life that let him spend time with his family. He also wanted to provide other families a where they could just be together and have fun together, be real, and forget about life’s challenges for a while.

That’s how Big Fun Inflatable Park in Calgary was born. Join Derek on his adventure in this episode of From the Heart and learn a bit more about Big Fun.

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01:15 About Derek
03:27 How it All Started
04:44 The Turning Point
07:35 Derek’s Biggest Supporters
10:56 Interrupted Growth
11:51 What’s Next

A bit about Derek and Big Fun: Derek is the Founder and Director of Happiness at Big Fun Inflatable Park. For the last 18 years, he worked as a business development, insurance, financial planning and corporate finance professional. Recently he opened the inaugural location of the world’s most amazingly massive and fantastically fun indoor family playground and amusement park.

Derek defines himself as an incredibly blessed father to 4 amazing and energetic boys and a husband to his beautiful and patient wife. Nothing makes him happier than being able to be present and involved in his family’s life. Providing his and other families like his with an opportunity, facility and environment to spend time together, let loose and have fun is a dream that has become a reality.

For a fun day with the kids head to https://bigfuninflatablepark.ca/ to book your visit.

You can connect with Derek on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/derek-fuller-11a95439/

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